I Must Break You (In): Own Dolph Lundgren’s ROCKY IV Boots

Happy Boxing Day!

Now that all the gift giving is over, it's time to treat yourself. You deserve it.

I collect some stuff; I've spent more money than I should have on an original Conquest of the Planet of the Apes poster that hangs over my desk right now. I used to invest in comics. I like the idea of real collectibles, especially historic ones. Save your reproductions, give me the poster from the original release or, even better, an actual movie prop. I have a coin from the nation of Zamunda that was used in Coming to America that's a prize of my collection. 

If only I had the kind of money required to get into the real prop collecting game. Once upon a time a lot of this stuff was thrown away, as nobody had any idea there would be a demand for used items for films, but in the last couple of decades movie props have become a major business. Check out this eBay auction featuring Dolph Lundgren's Rocky IV boxing boots for FORTY THOUSAND DOLLARS. That's a lot of cash. 

What would you do with Ivan Drago's boots? One time I had the chance to hold Glenn Strange's Frankenstein's Monster boot from Abbot and Costello Meet  Frankenstein and I won't even lie - the first thing I did, without even thinking, was smell the inside. It was compulsive. I imagine I would smell these boots too - there's something about smelling that creates a more solidifed reality. You're using four of the five senses at that point. 

Would you put them on? I also feel like I would try these on and maybe walk around in them a little, although they would clearly be so monstrously huge on me as to be farcical. I'd just have to do it. And then I'd put them under glass. I paid forty grand for them, after all.