STAR TREK 3 Coming July 2016 Without A Bob Orci Script

He's supposedly 'producing' it. Sure. 

When the Star Trek brouhaha came down I told you it was all about Bob Orci's script, which was being dumped. Further, I told you that he would have little to nothing to do with the film, but he would retain a producer credit. Orci sort of denied this all at the time, but now is being forced to come clean, admitting on the TrekMovie message boards that his script has been shitcanned. 

Orci, who seemed to be feeling the holiday spirits, posted the following on the message board where he previously melted down and yelled at fans whod didn't like the shitty Star Trek Into Darkness: 

Mothing more or less than producing. So that means, as I already said, no script from the Orcinator. And I'm going to reiterate what I said when Orci left the project - producing is a credit thing here. He'll be around, and maybe the producers and Lin will treat him as the Trek expert in the room, but don't expect this next film to have the stink of Orci in any major way. Orci will likely deny this, just as he denied what I reported earlier and is now forced to walk it back. 

In case you doubt me on this, check out Orci's response to a fan question of whether we should have faith in Lin and the new film - whether Trek fans should boycott it: 

It's hard for me to imagine a scenario where any producer - no matter how much Romulan Ale he put in his egg nog - says "I don't know" when asked if a movie he's working on that just had a major creative change will be any good. The least a producer has to do is put on a happy face in public. All Orci had to say was "Lin is an awesome choice and this is going to be a good film - the story we're talking about could be the best one yet!" or some other fluff. There are people who will say that Orci is just being a straight shooter, but basically he's undermining the new creative regime. 

That new creative regime probably worked over the holidays - Paramount has dated Star Trek 3 for July 8, 2016. I thought for sure they'd go winter, as this summer berth makes their whole timeline much, much more difficult.