2015’s Greatest John Cusack VS Jackie Chan Film, DRAGON BLADE, Finally Gets A Trailer

John Cusack needs a place to think.

Well, we had a good run, but cinema as we know it ends in 2015 with the release of Dragon Blade, a big epic war film in which John Cusack, Jackie Chan, and BRODY (formerly known as Adrien Brody) try to kick each other’s asses for some reason. We cannot recover from this. And perhaps we shouldn’t want to.

Just savor this trailer, for it is special. Along with the whole BRODY title card thing, we also have other title cards which are completely blocked by the characters they represent. Then we have a story that makes little sense even in quick, summarized trailer form. But more than anything, we have John Cusack dressed up in war garb, swinging swords and begging for mercy. I don’t know what this is or how we got here, but I love it.

Dragon Blade will first kill cinema in China when it opens on February 19. Perhaps as a precaution, it has no American or UK release date yet. But you know our resistance will only last so long.