Get Pumped For 2015’s First Great Action Film With This EVERLY Trailer

No one’s getting their deposit back for this poor apartment.

Normally when I run trailers it’s for movies that I’ve yet to see. Here’s one for a movie I not only saw but reviewed, so I have the added luxury of knowing how well these two minutes of Everly footage represent the film as a whole.

Pretty well, it turns out! Everly is a movie about a lady pinned down in an apartment while fighting off numerous waves of bad guys out to kill her. No more, no less. And that’s basically the cut of this trailer’s jib. It kind of tells the story in fast forward and gives you an idea of what poor Everly is up against. There are some surprises left to discover, though.

I would like to say this, however. There are several things off about this trailer from a technical point of view. For one, I had trouble understanding what anyone is saying here, and that certainly wasn’t the case with the actual film. More importantly, the movie I saw wasn’t nearly this dark and murky. Also - no subtitles.

Regardless, you should be excited for Everly to arrive (VOD and iTunes January 23, theatrically February 27), as it’s about as fun and action packed as it looks. It’s also another great Christmas action movie! The sub-genre grows!