The Canon Episode 9: 2014 Deathmatch!

Devin and Amy will let one 2014 movie into the canon - but which one?

It's the final days of the year and we at The Canon figured we should look back at 2014. Every year MUST have a movie worthy of being in the canon - whether on sheer merit or on historical and cultural impact - so Amy and I came to this episode armed with what movies we think should be allowed in. 

This was actually very tough for me, and in the episode you can hear me walking through my reasoninig of why films like Citizenfour and Snowpiercer didn't end up as my nomination. I think my eventual nomination will be controversial - and I expect to lose the vote - but I stand by it, and by my reasoning. 

Listen to the episode to find out what films we stand behind in 2014. Make your voice heard here at the Wolfpop boards and vote!