Aaron Paul Rumored For the Solo Han Solo Movie

Please god, not as Han Solo.

What's the first Star Wars spin-off film? MakingStarWars is hearing that it's Solo Han Solo (which matches up with what I've heard recently, that the first film is about a group of 'pirates' as opposed to 'bounty hunters,' which could easily include young Mr. Solo), but more than that they hear there's a name attached to the movie: Aaron Paul. 

Now, before we all jump to conclusions that Paul is playing Solo (oops, half the sites on the web already did) keep in mind that this is a name attached to the movie, not to the character. I suspect that Paul is not only too old for a young Han Solo but he's also no Harrison Ford. Like, not even in the same character type realm. What's more, it seems likely that Lucasfilm would gravitate to a lesser-known actor who wouldn't bring, say, meth lab baggage to the part. 

Can we all be honest? I liked Aaron Paul in Breaking Bad, but not in anything else. Need For Speed was fine as a dopey practical racing movie, but Paul was woefully miscast. I literally have no idea why he's even in Exodus: Gods and Kings, except to say that he's hugely distracting every time he comes on screen. I'm weirded out by Hollywood's current interest in casting this guy as a cool badass.