Gift Giving Is Over, So Get Some Awesome BAD Stuff For Yourself!

Jeez, stop being so selfless for a change.

Well, here we are. Christmas was almost a week ago. You don’t have to think about buying everyone you know a bunch of perfunctory crap from Amazon for almost another year. Now you can get back to what you really love - buying perfunctory crap for yourself!

All month we’ve been trying to guide your wallet to fun and cool gift ideas. Just because little baby Jesus has already filled a couple diapers doesn’t mean we have to stop. And today - in this spirit of shared selfishness, which I may or may not have invented just to justify my own private selfishness - I’m telling you that maybe you should consider buying some wonderful BAD related items.

For instance! Thanks largely to the tireless work of Meredith Borders, BAD has released not one, not two, not four, but three glorious ebooks. The first is both an excellent study of and guide to the art of screenwriting written by our good friend Film Crit Hulk! called Screenwriting 101. You can buy that here. The second is an extremely handsome look at the films of Tyler Perry called Madea Lives! A Film-By-Film Guide to Loving Tyler Perry. It was written by Film Crit Me! You can buy that one here. Most recently, we are very proud to have released Britt Hayes’ hilarious journey through a year of bad dating, I Should Just Not, which you can purchase here. All are great, all took a lot of hard work and effort, and all are just under $5!

But that’s not all! Our sibling site, Forever Young Adult, has a Redbubble store stocked full of wonderful items with great designs for those who enjoy cuddling up to nice, multi-volume love triangles while sipping wine (if that's just how I do it, let me apologize for overgeneralizing). They have everything from T-shirts to smartphone cases to pillows. You can find it all here!

And speaking of T-shirts, our resident James Bond and Dark Shadows expert Phil Nobile Jr. has one of those for sale as well. As you might have seen if you clicked on today’s padcast page, Phil - along with talented artist and occasional padcast phantom Gabe Powers - have created a lovely They Live shirt, one so great that we have a photo of "Rowdy" Roddy Piper standing with one mere moments before ripping it in half in a sudden burst of wrestler glee.

(If you want that one it costs extra.) You can order your T-shirt here.

So there you have it. I put on my best salesman voice and tried to put some more love into the world. Hopefully it worked because I just accidentally hit someone with my car and need to stack all the good vibes I can. Merry every day that's not Christmas!