Kick Off 2015 With A Very Special MOTEL HELL Print

End the year on a high note with Francesco Francavilla's MOTEL HELL.

It's the final day of BAD's Conspicuous Consumption month, which means it's also the final day of 2014. And good riddance. While it's been a great year for movies, it's also been a year fraught with shortsighted politics, horrific tragedies, and the death of more than a few beloved public figures. For virtually everyone I know and the world at large, 2014 was an absolute bitch. With that in mind, I'm recommending that you kick off 2015 right: with a great piece of artwork that will remind you that, as bad as things might get in the coming year, you'll probably never find yourself buried up to the neck on Farmer Vincent's property, slowly being fattened for slaughter. This is Francesco Francavilla's Motel Hell screenprint, for Skuzzles:

Motel Hell by Francesco Francavilla

24x36" Screenprint / 8 colors

$50 Regular Edition of 135

Motel Hell by Francesco Francavilla

24x36" Screenprint / 8 colors

Printed on Foil Thick Stock

$70 variant edition of 45


The regular edition on this one is impressive enough as it is -- Francavilla's never better than when he's tackling grisly material -- but the variant is especially exciting: it's been printed on Foil Thick Stock, which means the blade of the axe in the image above is just as shiny in person as it looks in that photo (indeed, that's the actual print in the photo). This one's sure to be a stunner in person, but with only 45 of them available, well, you're going to have to act fast to grab one.

So here's how you do that: Skuzzles will drop both versions of the print on their site later today (1pm CST). No waiting for the Tweet, no sitting by the keyboard and ignoring your aching bladder on the off-chance you'll miss a surprise drop: if you're on the site when the prints drop and you navigate the checkout process quickly, your odds are just the same as everyone else's. Hooray for ending 2014 with a level playing field!