Check Out Promos For THE FLASH And ARROW’s 2015 Premieres

Both shows return the week of January 19. 

I miss The Flash and, to a lesser extent, Arrow. Both series have been on mid-season hiatus for nearly a month, and they don't return for a couple more weeks yet: The Flash is back Tuesday, January 20th and Arrow returns Wednesday, January 21st.

In the meantime, get ready with the two promos released for their winter premieres. The Flash preview - which is super exciting and had me pumping my fist repeatedly - was released a few weeks ago, but I somehow missed it, and the Arrow promo - which is pretty content-free, to be honest - was released this week. 

The Flash ep 1.10 "Revenge of the Rogues":

Captain Cold and Heat Wave team up! "I think you mean...THE REVERSE-FLASH." "Meh." "Not sure I kinda like it." How it this joke still funny? It definitely is, though.

Arrow ep 3.10 "Left Behind":

"Oliver Queen is dead." Well, no, I bet he isn't, but he looks in pretty rough shape.

And hey, if you're just now catching up with The Flash over the hiatus: congratulations on your favorite new show, and you can follow my reviews here.