Neill Blomkamp Reveals The ALIEN Movie He Would Have Made

The director rang in the new year with some stunning concept art. 

We will never see Alien: Xenomorph, but man do we wish we had. Neill Blomkamp dumped a whole bunch of concept art from his take on an Alien sequel on Instagram last night, a deluge of cool images that speaks to a very different direction for the franchise. One that brings back Hicks, for instance.  A fucked up Hicks, that is. 

Let's go through the concept art that he shared:

He redesigned the egg and the Facehugger - they're familiar but notably different. I like that tooth. 

There he is - Fucked Up Hicks. What's the story here? We know he was dead in Alien 3... right? This is just concept art, so it doesn't give us the details that explain how Hicks survived what looked to be a very fatal incident. Could Newt have made it out as well? (God I hope not)

Ripley finds... something in the Weyland Yutani HQ. Is this the CEO himself? 

A lot of this art is cool, but this is the piece that is driving me nuts. What's the story here? Ripley as Space Jockey? This is such a cool, weird and unexpected piece of art. This is the one that makes me mourn Alien: Xenomorph.

More Weyland-Yutani HQ. Is this on Earth? On a space station? What is that big thing in the middle? Some kind of stargate? This image is the key to the last image in this series. 

Ripley and Hicks, together again! And with a suicide belt this time. 

More HQ? An exterior, perhaps? 

The Space Jockey's ship - in a Weyland-Yutani hangar! They've brought it back from LV-426!

And finally the Queen Alien... this time let loose in the Weyland-Yutani HQ. This is clearly the climax of the movie, right?

What do you think of this art? Is this an Alien movie you would have wanted to see?