Troll Yourself With This Blown-Up Version Of The ANT-MAN Trailer Teaser

Hey, I think I can see Paul Rudd!

It’s nice to know that smartassery is still alive and well in 2015. In an effort to drum up interest for Agent Carter, Marvel has released a tiny look at bits from the Ant-Man trailer that will be shown with the first episode. It looks like this:

The Internet, being what it is, has come along and blown up these tiny tidbits. Now instead of not being able to see it because it is too small, we can not be able to see it because it is too pixelated. I think it’s pretty hilarious.

You’ll be able to see the actual trailer on January 6, so the sting of this shouldn’t last too long. Due to its weird production history, Ant-Man’s going to be a curious entry into the Marvel universe. Hopefully it will be worth all the trouble. I’m not ready for Marvel to have a big black eye yet.