X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST Is Going Rogue With A New Cut That Has More Rogue

Not the character. Everyone’s just going to have redder cheeks.

I honestly cannot remember if Rogue ended up in X-Men: Days of Future Past or not. I know she was supposed to be in a lot more of it than we saw, but I can’t remember if she popped up in its “everyone’s happy” ending or not.

But if Rogue’s absence bothered you, things are definitely about to start looking up. According to James Finn, Fox Home Entertainment’s Executive Vice President… of Marketing Communications, we will be getting a new cut of the film that will feature all of Rogue’s missing scenes:

This should be interesting. We know that one big Rogue scene involved a prison break featuring Professor X, Magneto, and stud-muffin supreme, Iceman. So there’s one new action sequence right there. Supposedly there is over ten minutes of Rogue material out there. I’m not sure how putting that stuff back in will make this new version all that “distinct” from the original Days of Future Past, but I’m very eager to let other people find out and write articles about it that I can read in two minutes.

And regarding the article subtitle above, I do know the difference between Rogue and rouge. Let me have my happiness.