Denver Badasses: Explore Your VICEs Riding A Party Bus With Paul Thomas Anderson

I'm serious. You can party on a bus with Paul Thomas Anderson. 

The Alamo Drafthouse has organized some legendary events in the past, but this one might take the brownie. I'm a little too in awe to give much commentary, but the press release speaks for itself. Suffice it to say: Denver, you guys are lucky. For so many reasons. 


Denver, CO - Monday, January 5, 2014 - In Thomas Pynchon's novel, INHERENT VICE, private eye Doc Sportello "comes, occasionally, out of a marijuana haze to watch the end of an era as free love slips away and paranoia creeps in with the LA fog."

In keeping with the spirit of the novel, Paul Thomas Anderson is inviting 25 lucky winners to join him on a "hazy" party bus adventure on Friday evening, January 9th.  The bus will depart from a secret location in downtown Denver and meander to the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema for a screening of his new film adaptation of Pynchon's revered novel. 

Show us that you are worthy to join the bus by posting an INHERENT VICE themed photo of yourself to Instagram, Twitter or Facebook with #InherentHaze (be sure to also tag @drafthouse on Instagram, @alamodenver on Twitter, and /AlamoDrafthouse on Facebook) and get your friends to like and share.  We will choose our favorites by Wednesday, January 7th at 4:20pm MT.  Winners will be given further instructions and details about the screening and bus adventure.

INHERENT VICE opens at select Alamo Drafthouse theaters nationwide on January 9th.  Participating locations will be featuring Pynchon-inspired video preshow, cocktails (Doc Sportello’s Tequila Zombie) and food specials (Detective Lieutenant Bigfoot Bjornsen’s trademark chocolate-covered frozen banana as well as a ‘Moto Panacaku’ pancake brunch).

INHERENT VICE is part of the “Drafthouse Recommends” program and was #2 on Alamo founder and CEO Tim League’s “Best movies of 2014” list.  The film also earned a spot alongside REPO MAN and BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA on League’s Alamo 100 list, the 100 movies you would take with you to watch forever if you were stranded on a desert island. 

Tickets and information available at

This is an incredible, rare opportunity to hang with one of the great directors of our time, a filmmaker whose public appearances are uncommon but who has always been wonderfully supportive of the Alamo family. And the circumstances themselves are so cool - I'd love to take a munchie-filled party bus adventure to a screening of Inherent Vice even if Paul Thomas Anderson weren't involved. But he is! This is really something special.