Badass Podcast #32: Sorry, But MAD MAX: BEYOND THUNDERDOME Still Stinks

But THIEF is great! So it’s not all bad!

Well, Phil and I gave it our best shot. Unfortunately, neither of us found a way to truly love Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome. On the plus side, we both do some mighty fine Tina Turner impressions.

Also, we watched the shit out of Michael Mann’s Thief and loved it a great deal. And, strangely enough, we spend a strangely large chunk of strangely sincere time talking about fucking Empire Strikes Back. So there. Now we love Star Wars, too. Happy?

Next week Phil and I will try to begin a whole month of Dad movies. That means movies where the protagonist looks super lame to anyone who’s not a 60 year old dude. Lots of Liam Neeson coming at you. In fact, we at first planned to just do Liam Neeson movies all month, but that might kill us.

As always, rate and review and all that. We love it!