David Cross Confirms MR SHOW Will Film In March

A Kickstarter page for David Cross' new film HITS seems to have made that MR. SHOW reunion official.

About a week ago, comedian Paul F. Tompkins Tweeted out the following:

 As you might expect, this set comedy nerds frothing at the mouth: was a new season of Mr. Show on the way? A reunion tour? Speculation ran rampant, but as recently as two days ago we weren't any closer to having a confirmation: someone over at the AV Club emailed David Cross directly asking after Tompkins' photo, and he was cagey on the details:

“Well I suppose you could say we were all meeting in anticipation of being able to do (something?) to mark the twentieth anniversary of Mr. Show? I suppose that works. It was the first time we’ve all been together in a room since the audio record for Hollywood Said No and it was a blast.”

But this morning, a Kickstarter page for Cross' directorial debut, Hits, popped up online. Cross is opting out of a traditional distribution model for the film, choosing instead to release Hits via Torrent (in a "Pay What You Wish" deal) while also bringing the film to theaters. The Kickstarter campaign's there to fund a theatrical rollout for the film, and those who chip in can get a variety of rewards. For instance: Kickstarting the film's distribution plan to the tune of $20 will get you a digital download of the film and a thank you note from Cross (by February!). Subsequent reward tiers are pretty standard, but when you get to the $500 tier, things get interesting:

But, wait, it gets better: once you hit the $5k tier, Cross flat-out confirms a Mr. Show reunion is happening:

Now, that's not very specific, as far as confirmations go-- we know Mr. Show's reuniting and that something's being filmed-- but, hey, a confirmation's a confirmation. Comedy nerds are now encouraged to begin speculation as to what type of Mr. Show reunion this might be: something for Netflix? A one-night-only live show that'll be filmed for HBO? A second at-bat for Run Ronnie Run (note: it's not a second at-bat for Run Ronnie Run)? My money's on an HBO special, but what do you guys think?