SPECTRE Cast Stands In Snow Wearing Expensive Clothing

Please hurry and take the picture. We're freezing.

Yesterday Daniel Craig, Léa Seydoux and Dave Bautista stood on a snowy mountaintop in Austria, where they’re filming scenes for SPECTRE, and posed for photos. These are some of those photos.

Oh man, it’s on! I don’t know about you guys, or Devin or Meredith or the rest of these people over here, but when I see pictures of 007 at a wintry locale in a blue windbreaker, my mind goes here:

But we’re all different. Maybe your mind goes here:

That’s fine. I’m not judging. We’re told that somewhere on that mountaintop is a restaurant called The Ice Q, where the crew will be filming, and possibly making a dumb joke about killing Ben Wishaw’s character.

Anyhow, I’m pretty excited. It should be noted that even though Léa Seydoux is rocking some dope Prada gear and they all seem dressed up pretty fancy-like, indications are these are not meant to be shots of the cast in their wardrobe. This is just what the Hollywood elite wear on their days off. So, you might want to hold off on ordering that Canada Goose hoodie Mr. Craig is sporting in these pics. Then again, you might not. If you’re compelled, please use the Amazon link provided below.