THE LAZARUS EFFECT Trailer: Olivia Wilde Comes Back From The Dead To Wail On The Living

Stop resurrecting dead folks, guys. It never turns out well.

On the one hand, The Lazarus Effect looks pretty generic. I anticipated most of the beats in the trailer without knowing a thing about it other than its title, and I bet you did too. You've seen movies before, after all.

On the other hand, it's got a solid creative team behind it (Fantastic Four's Jeremy Slater wrote the screenplay and it's directed by Jiro Dreams of Sushi's David Gelb), and it's earned the confidence of a pretty cool cast. I'm excited about a scary Olivia Wilde, and she's joined by Mark Duplass, Evan Peters and Donald Glover, all of whom are varying degrees of great. 

On some weird third hand, it's a PG-13 horror movie released in February (the 27th), so who knows. But something about the trailer, though predictable, caught my attention. It's got an elevated tone to it that causes me to credit it more than the typical slick mainstream horror tale we usually see this time of year. How do you guys feel about it?