It’s Liam Neeson V Ed Harris: Dawn Of Justice In This RUN ALL NIGHT Trailer

This sounds lame but looks awesome.

On the eve of a new Taken movie, one no one seems to like, I can understand rolling your eyes at this trailer for Run All Night, yet another Liam Neeson action film. But if you do that, you’ll miss a pretty awesome-looking trailer.

It’s all pretty simple: Liam Neeson kills Ed Harris’ kid because Ed Harris’ kid was about to kill Liam Neeson’s kid. This isn't John Wick, but it’ll do. It looks like the whole movie takes place over the course of a single night. It also looks like a lot of people actually get killed in this one. So that’s promising.

Run All Night was directed by Neeson’s Non-Stop and Unknown director, Jaume Collet-Serra. I won’t hold that against it. It comes out April 17.