Jason Bourne And Jeremy Renner’s Not-Jason Bourne Unlikely To Have Cross-Over

They want to keep these movies separated in good and bad piles.

Poor Jeremy Renner. He got his Bourne film, and no one really liked it much. But the powers that be decided to give him another one anyway. Then Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass pop in and screw all that up by saying they’re finally ready to make a real Bourne film. Now, he doesn’t even get to cross-over with his big brother’s movie. Shut-out City!

In an interview with Collider, Bourne producer Frank Marshall made all this pretty clear when asked about the cross-over idea:

We don’t have plans for that.  You never know.  I never say never.  But that’s not the plan.  They’re on separate tracks.

The good news is that last bit, in which Marshall indicates that Universal still wants to make another of Renner's Chem-Bourne movies. They just want them to be separate from Damon's adventures, which is too bad because I imagine Jason Bourne on physical enhancement drugs would be able to kick the shit out of twice as many guys. Oh well.