Billy Dee Williams Will Play Lando Calrissian Again!

On STAR WARS REBELS, at least. 

Everybody who has wondered whether Billy Dee Williams will ever return to Star Wars, wonder no more: he's going to be in Star Wars Rebels, the surprisingly good prequel cartoon on some Disney cable channel. In the episode, taking place between Revenge of the Sith and Star Wars* Lando ends up winning the heroes' irascible droid Chopper in a card game (Sabacc, for the nerds). Hijinks, we assume, ensue. 

I had heard from sources at the Ranch that Billy Dee was coming back to Star Wars and had speculated (privately) that it was a cameo in The Force Awakens - but I guess it was Rebels all along! Or maybe he did a Rebels voice while getting back into character for a small appearance in The Force Awakens? The Mystery Box keeps opening, so we could know soon. 

If you're a cable subscriber you can watch the episode now right here. It will be on TV next week. 

* I am officially done calling it A New Hope. Join me in this act of civil disobedience.