Watch The First Episode Of HBO’s TOGETHERNESS For Free

If you want to, that is. It’s not an order.

HBO has a new show right now called Togetherness, which is unfortunately not a sequel to Happiness. Instead, it is a comedy drama thing done by the Duplass Brothers about how much it sucks to be a middle-aged white person. I mean, that’s an assumption I’m making.

In reality, it’s about a bunch of people living together under one roof as they approach their middle-ages. Mark Duplass and Melanie Lynskey are a married couple. Amanda Peet is Lynskey’s best pal, while Steve Zissis is Duplass’ best pal. I am sure they are all kind of funny assholes to each other. Another assumption.

Now, let’s say you think this show might be up your alley but cannot say for sure. And let’s also say that you do not have HBO, but would be willing to get it if this one particular show floated your boat. If that sounds like you, this is going to be some great-ass news!

HBO has put the first episode on the show on YouTube, where you can watch, judge, and decide at your own leisure and for free. Then, if you like it, you can get some HBO and keep liking it. What an amazing opportunity! Maybe you can even pop back here and tell everyone else what you thought.

You have to actually watch it on YouTube, though. So here's the link. Enjoy!