SPY Trailer: Melissa McCarthy And Paul Feig Tweak Bond

It's red band, so lower your office speakers. Or just get back to work. You're hurting the economy with your slacking.

I find myself a little unimpressed with the trailer for Spy, the latest collab between Melissa McCarthy and Paul Feig. On the one hand it's not McCarthy doing the slob character again, which had grown a little tiresome (see Tammy. Because I didn't), but on the other a lot of this looks very sit-comish to me. 

I think I've unlocked an understanding of my personal comedy preferences: I don't like solo comedies very often. I like comedies that are either very script driven or that have an ensemble working together. Solo comedies give me flashbacks to the 90s, and especially to the SNL movies that often beat one character into the ground. This isn't a hard and fast rule, of course, but I tend to be very skeptical when it comes to solo comedies, especially ones where non-comics surround the comedic actor. 

But I would like to remain hopeful. While I found Feig's The Heat to be weirdly unfunny, I am a huge fan of the guy, and want to keep supporting him. It seems as if he's found his muse, and while I think she's a little comedically broad for me, I'm wishing McCarthy the best here as well.