TAKEN 3 And INHERENT VICE - Which Movie Is Better?

It’s quite possible we don’t even bother answering this question.

Time for another padcast! This week Phil and I are joined by very special guest Vyce Victus, BAD’s resident active duty soldier. I think Vyce was supposed to be on to talk American Sniper, but none of us ended up watching that, so we discussed other movies instead.

As the headline indicates, those other movies were Taken 3 and Inherent Vice. Both left us perplexed, especially Phil who didn't even see Taken 3. Luckily, we all loved and totally understood The Equalizer, and much of our Tak3n time gets tak3n up with that. The world is a better place.

Join us next week as we continue our examination of Dad movies with Non-Stop and probably something else. We have no idea. It’ll be fun though!