Our Daily Trailer: TRON

Oscar Snub month continues with a film that wasn't even considered for the category it clearly should have won.

We're talking about Oscar snubs all month on Our Daily Trailer, and for my money, there's no snub more clearly defined than that of Tron for Best Visual Effects. The film revolutionized special effects with its innovative use of computer-generated layers in order to fulfill French comic book artist Moebius' vision. It's one of the very first films to employ computer animation, breaking into an unpioneered market that has since defined special effects in cinema. 

The entire computer-generated environment, the first of its kind, was created in seven months - and that includes the time it took to invent the technique itself.

But Tron was not nominated for Best Visual Effects because, according to writer and director Steven Lisberger, "The Academy thought we cheated by using computers."