Spider-Man May Return Home For AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR PART I

A new rumor says Marvel is getting Spidey back. 

Latino Review is saying that Marvel and Sony have worked out their issues and that Spider-Man will return home in Avengers: Infinity War Part I in 2018. The site further backs up reporting I've done, saying that Captain America and Thor will not be in that movie, but will return in Part II a year later. 

I trust Latino Review on this. I know that their Marvel sources are good, and they've often been really ahead of the curve on Marvel stuff. I reached out to some of my people and haven't heard back - a silence that feels like a refusal to deny. But I do have to remind you to keep one thing in mind: things change. I believe that Marvel is preparing to put Spider-Man in Infinity War I... but they were also preparing to put him in Captain America: Civil War. The will to do it isn't the same thing as the ability to do it. Until there's a script for the film there's no way of knowing what will actually happen in the movie. 

We know that Sony is having a Spider-Man summit this month, but we don't know what has/will happen there (a bogus report is floating around claiming they're planning a Spidey movie that would see Andrew Garfield go toe-to-toe with Tobey Maguire). If the summit has happened it's possible that Sony and Marvel have reached an agreement, but an agreement isn't a legal deal. Whatever is agreed will need to wend its way through the legal departments of both studios, which could take time and could cause problems.

The big stumbling block for getting Spidey at Marvel is Avi Arad; Avi is attached to the property in an ironclad way, and Kevin Feige will never work with that old man again. There's no love lost between the two, and Feige is frankly in a 'fuck you' position when it comes to Spider-Man - it would be cool for Marvel to get him the studio certainly isn't hurting for him. Unless Sony figured out how to freeze Avi out I just don't know how they could ever reach a deal. 

But like I said, Latino Review's source on this is a good one. I just hope everybody doesn't jump to the conclusion that it is happening. A lot can change between now and 2018.