ANARCHY, Formerly Known As CYMBELINE, Gets A New Trailer

Double-you. Tee. Eff.

This is the second trailer I’ve seen for the movie we once called Cymbeline but now will have to just call Anarchy. I am still at a loss how Michael Almereyda turned the edgy but still whimsical and funny William Shakespeare play into a blood and guts story about a war between dirty cops and a gang of bikers. I can kind of sort of begin to see it with this one, but it’s still pretty mysterious.

I suppose that’s why they changed the name. Or one reason anyway. It’s probably more likely that Lionsgate decided it was better to go generic than perplex people with a weird title they’ve never heard of before. It’s not like kids really read Cymbeline in high school.

My curiosity is large here. It doesn’t look like Shakespeare, but it doesn’t look bad either. If you make a movie where Ed Harris, Milla Jovovich, Delroy Lindo, Adam Yeltsin, and Ethan Hawke shoot at each other, I’ll probably be there, Shakespeare or no. So I’m excited about this either way.

If you’re with me, Anarchy hits theaters and On Demand March 13.