Michael Keaton To Probably Keep Winning Hollywood With that McDonald’s SOCIAL NETWORK Movie

Or maybe he just wants a burger.

Last time we checked in on The Founder, a movie all about the origin of McDonald’s, it had no cast. Guess what! It still has no cast! But people are starting to get bugged about it.

Saving Mr. Banks' John Lee Hancock is still on the project, and he’s looking for actors. One actor he appears to be in talks with is non other than new Hollywood heartthrob Michael Keaton. Actually, Keaton has liked the project for a while, but wanted to wait until a real director got in there. Since that happened, he’s been talked to and is now in negotiations. I assume they are offering him both money and burgers. That Michael Keaton is no dummy.

Keaton would be playing Ray Kroc, the guy who turned McDonald’s into the friendly neighborhood eatery we know today. Tom Hanks was also someone they wanted for the role, but he apparently passed.