Badass Exclusive: Get Mind(bleep)ed With This JACOB’S LADDER Print

Artist Randy Ortiz and the folks at Black Dragon Press are kicking off 2015 right.

Last year, a new online gallery by the name of Black Dragon Press came out of nowhere to deliver one of the year's best screenprints, a Nico Delort piece based on Werner Herzog's Nosferatu The Vampyre. In the months that followed, the gallery continued to establish itself as a company willing to tackle similarly offbeat and "obscure" titles. Robocop and The Life Aquatic have been done to death, Black Dragon Press seemed to be saying, why not go after some deeper cuts? This was the sort of thinking I could get behind.

I'm pleased to report that this approach will continue in 2015. Black Dragon Press is kicking off the year with a Randy Ortiz piece based on Adrian Lyne's Jacob's Ladder, another title that's woefully underrepresented in the world of collectible screenprints. Check it out:

Jacob's Ladder by Randy Ortiz

£40 Regular Edition of 200

Jacob's Ladder by Randy Ortiz

£65 Variant Edition (with metallic inks) of 50

Here's what Black Dragon has to say about the project:

Jacob's Ladder is one of our favourite movies so we are very excited to be able to bring to you this licensed poster by Randy Ortiz inspired by Adrian Lyne's classic psychological horror masterpiece. Our gratitude goes to StudioCanal for the opportunity.  Randy Ortiz's stunning visual representation of Jacob's oppressive mental state has been greatly enhanced by D&L's outstanding screen printing work, and the use of quasi-fluorescent inks in the regular edition, and of metallics in the variant, really take these posters to whole new levels of madness.

We don't have a firm release date at the moment, but both prints will be going on sale via the Black Dragon Press website very soon.  I'm told you should head on over there to sign up for the BDP newsletter, which'll deliver all further release info directly to your inbox (you should do this, anyway, because lemme tell ya: BDP have some amazing stuff planned for 2015). You can also keep your eye on the Black Dragon Twitter feed via this link.

What say you, folks? You as happy to see Jacob's Ladder getting some poster love as I am?