HANNIBAL Season 3 Has Been Pushed To Summer

Imagine this post read in a trembling, tearful whine.

NOOOOOOOO. Approximately twice a day, I sigh aloud to an empty room, "I miss Hannibal," but, like you, I was placating myself with the belief that the third season of Bryan Fuller's brilliant, stunning serial killer opera would return soon. 

It will not return soon. NBC has pushed the premiere of Season 3 to summer. I hate everything!

But NBC entertainment chairman Bob Greenblatt loves everything!

It's a show we love, it's critically acclaimed, we love it. And we also love summer. We have exciting plans for summer.

I'm not entirely sold on his enthusiasm. Now, obviously we could focus on the silver lining, namely that Hannibal's lackluster ratings will look much more impressive in the summer season, and that could help a fourth season along. But I don't want to focus on the silver lining! I miss my Will and my Alana and my big fat Windsor knots and beautifully appointed plates and magnificent gore and my Mads, I miss my Mads so much. And most of all, I miss meeting here every week to discuss the latest episodes with you wonderful pals. But we will face this ignominy together. 

If you've never seen Hannibal, please take this opportunity to catch up, and join us when summer rolls around. Hannibal needs all the viewers it can get, but more importantly, you need this show right back. You may not know it yet, but you do.