The Motley Crue Movie, THE DIRT, Takes A Big Step Forward

Never mind the umlauts. That's one of their songs, right?

The Dirt is a tell-all about 1980s hair rock band Motley Crue in which each chapter is written (or dictated by, more likely) an actual band member. Guys like Nikki Sixxi, Vicki Neal, Tommy Gunn, and Mimi Mimosa. They are my favorite band, so obviously I read it.

There has been movement to turn the book into a film for a while now. At one point Larry Charles was going to direct, but since then that task has fallen to Jackass director Jeff Tremaine. There is also a script by Rich Wilkes and Tom Kapinos.

Now it has backing as well, something every little movie that wants to someday be a big movie needs. According to THR, Focus has picked up the project. So if you were super excited for this maybe movie to became the real deal, this should be the best news you will ever read. If you are terrified of this movie becoming a reality, I am truly sorry. Life is hard. Especially lives filled with such strange phobias. I hope you get help.