FARGO Season Two Will Be Reaganomically Sound

Will the Gipper be a ratings tripper?

Ronald Reagan was always a bit of a character, but now he’s going to be a character for real in the upcoming second season of FX’s Fargo television show. He will not be playing himself, however.

Fargo season two actually started filming today in Calgary. Details about the season were announced by FX CEO John Langraf at the TCAs, which is like Comic-Con but secret and only for TV. According to Langraf, season two will be a bit more comedic than season one. Furthermore, the plot takes place during Ronald Reagan’s first run at the presidency. Lou Solverson (played by Keith Carradine last season and Patrick Wilson this year) gets assigned to Reagan’s protection detail. So that’s how that happens.

This means we’ll be seeing a lot of Reagan throughout the show. We do not yet know who will play him, but if I understand correctly, Rich Little is still alive.