Badass Podcast #34: How Black Are The Hats In BLACKHAT, Really?

Phil and Evan ask the hard-hitting questions.

The headline is all about Blackhat, but really this week is more about Dad movies. I haven’t seen Blackhat, so I don’t know how it stacks up as one of those, but I have seen Non-Stop and A Walk Among the Tombstones and know where they fall. After listening to this padcast, you will know as well!

In addition to these three lovely films, we also talk about a lot of nonsense. Some of that nonsense involves my newfound and really quite surprising appreciation for Return of the Jedi. That might please/annoy some of you.

Next week we are hitting what might be the Daddy of all Dad movies (other than Taken and The Equalizer, of course): Olympus has Fallen. And likely some other movie. But seriously: Olympus has Fallen. I am so excited for that.

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