Nicolas Cage To Try And Kill Osama Bin Laden For BORAT Director Larry Charles

Headlines don’t get much better than that.

Sometimes the world works in our favor and gives us something beautiful, even when we probably don’t deserve it. Today that gift comes in the form of a Nicolas Cage movie.

According to THR, Nicolas Cage will star in a satirical comedy called Army of One, to be directed by Borat director Larry Charles. The film will be somewhat based on a GQ article about Chris Heath, a guy who one day said “Fuck it. I’m gonna go kill Bin Laden” and tried really hard to make it so. Not all of us are born heroes, you know.

I suppose this early on, such a crazy-sounding movie could go either way. But it’s probably going to go my way. Luckily it can go my way whether it’s actually a good movie or not. I basically love all movies called Army of One, so the rest of just Cagey Gravy.