Wow! Simon Pegg To Co-Write STAR TREK 3!

Things are starting to get interesting aboard the Enterprise.

Devin normally covers all the Star Trek stuff, so I’ve been a little out of the loop even though a lot has been going on. For one thing, the film is now a Justin Lin jam, which bodes well for crew camaraderie and Vin Diesel cameos. But that’s not the only exciting news Star Trek 3 has in store.

According to Deadline, major geek and co-writer of three films with snooty college dissertation-worthy screenplays Simon Pegg will co-write the third Star Trek movie alongside Doug Jung. That is some serious news. For us AND for Doug Jung.

The two are writing the film probably as we speak. I talked to Pegg on the phone, and the plot revolves around Scotty as he goes on awesome James Bond adventures all around the Universe. There are no other characters in the film (except his little alien pal, of course).

Whatever the film ends up REALLY being about, this is the kind of smart move that automatically raises faith for a film I’m sure many were iffy on after the atrocious Star Trek: Into Darkness. With any luck, this new series will stick to Star Trek’s much-discussed (and not really all that true) every other movie quality rule.