This Might Be The Greatest TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE Poster Ever

Artist Jason Edmiston and Grey Matter Art have delivered an early contender for "Best Horror Poster Of The Year, 2015."

Tobe Hooper's The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is one of those films that gets a lot of poster love, and that makes sense: if you're an artist, there's a ton of iconic imagery to draw from when creating a piece based on the film, and if you're a gallery, well, you can always count on interest from the film's sizable fanbase to drive sales. It's sort of a no-lose proposition, as far as posters go.

The downside, of course, is that there's a lot of Chain Saw Massacre art out there. There's a sense among collectors that, if you're gonna do a Chain Saw poster, it damn well better be something amazing. And the poster below - from artist Jason Edmiston and being released next Tuesday via the folks at Grey Matter Art - is certainly that. It may, in fact, be the greatest Texas Chain Saw Massacre print anyone's ever released.

Seriously. Just look at this thing.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre by Jason Edmiston

10-color Screenprint (printing by D&L)

$50 Regular Edition of 200

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre by Jason Edmiston

10-color Screenprint (printing by D&L)

$65 Variant Edition of 125

That picture above is a shot from Hooper's film, which Edmiston used as reference. Seeing 'em side-by-side like that, you can really appreciate just how well Edmiston nailed this one. Here's what Grey Matter has to say about working with him on the project:

This was our first time working with Jason, and I really can't say enough good things about him and his work ethic. He went above and beyond to ensure that this project was going to be perfect. The amount of work, detail, and color in this poster is just phenomenal, and the fact that it is a screen print just amazes me. This is definitely a uniquely done take for the film, which will be a great addition to the rest of the Texas Chainsaw posters we are going to release. I think each artist working on this series is bringing something different to the table, and this one works so well in depicting the end of the film where Leatherface is chasing Sally (Marilyn Burns) in the truck as she makes her escape.

About that Chain Saw series referenced above: this is actually the second in a series of four prints Grey Matter's releasing in celebration of the film's 40th anniversary (the first, by artist Florian Bertmer, is also a stunner). I don't envy the other artists who are going to have to follow this one, but I've got faith: both Bertmer and Edmiston have nailed it, and the other two artists GMA has lined up for the series - Gabz and Francesco Francavilla - are both excellent choices for the property.

The print goes on sale this coming Tuesday via the Grey Matter Art online store. Head on over to the site to learn more about GMA's Texas Chain Saw series, or just drool yourself into a stupor in the comments section below.