You Should Be Able To Recognize Oscar Isaac As X-MEN: APOCALYPSE’s Apocalypse

The actor dishes a bit on his X-MEN: APOCALYPSE costume.

We don’t yet know what Oscar Isaac's Apocalypse will look like in X-Men: Apocalypse. That actually makes sense, since not even Oscar Isaac knows what he’ll look like in the film. It’s a real curiosity, however, since the character doesn’t look at all like a handsome actor.

But now we have a minor idea of how Apocalypse will be pulled off in a technical sense. According to an interview Isaac gave Yahoo UK, the character will be a mixture of physical performance and “robot technology.” Actually, instead of just quoting that last part, I’ll give you the whole quote:

It’ll be a mix [of practical and digital]. I haven’t had a script so I haven’t had a chance to look through the script and see what the exact requirements are, but I think it’ll be a mixture of physical, aided with some robotic technology.

Of course, the funny bit here is that Isaac has yet to read a script. I’m sure that’s typical, but it always makes me feel a bit bad for these actors who sign on to films when they really have little idea what they’re getting into.

In any case, Apocalypse should look like Isaac, so don’t worry that this is going to be one of those Josh Brolin/Thanos things. Or was I the only one worried about that?

(via /Film)