See Which Hunky Actors Might Fill SUICIDE SQUAD’s Tom Hardy Hole

And that’s not even the only hole this movie needs to fill.

Suicide Squad recently got hit hard with the loss of Tom Hardy as Rick Flag. Jake Gyllenhaal was the big name to come up next for the role, but he passed. So you know what that means! Rumor city!

If you go to Cinema Blend the rumored actors (according to their secret source) are Joel Edgerton and Jon Bernthal, both pretty masculine guys, one of which has already worked with Suicide Squad director David Ayer. Neither are huge movie stars, but the Rick Flag role is apparently not huge movie star-sized anyway.

Meanwhile, El Mayimbe of Latino-Review claims Gary Sinise is in talks to join the film as General Eiling. Cinema Blend’s source confirmed this rumor, but also thinks he might be playing Deathstroke instead. Then, to make shit even more confusing, the article adds that Joe Manganiello (another guy who worked with Ayer) is also a possibility for Deathstroke.

None of this really means much, since it’s all rumor at this point. What I they should do is take all these macho actors and just draw their names from a hat while pulling one of the three characters in question out of a separate hat. Whichever actor doesn’t get a character has to drink a mixture of condiments created by the winning actors. But I guess I’m not in charge.