David Tennant To Provide Marvel’s AKA JESSICA JONES With One Handsome Villain

There will be swooning.

I could never get into David Tennant’s version of Doctor Who (even considering the trouble I have getting into anyone’s version of Doctor Who), but I like the guy as an actor. So I’m excited to learn that he has joined the cast of Marvel and Netflix’s AKA Jessica Jones.

According to an announcement from Netflix, Tennant will play Zebediah Killgrave. Having very little familiarity with Jessica Jones or her comic adventures, I must rely on other sources to tell you who he is. Apparently, he is a purple guy who can control other people’s minds. Based on reactions I’ve seen in my Twitter feed, he’s not just a bad guy but like a REALLY bad guy.

It remains unclear how bad he’ll be on the show, or if he’ll be purple even. But it’ll likely be nice seeing Tennant going head to head with Krysten Ritter’s Jessica Jones either way. Now they just need to cast the role of AKA, and we'll be all set.