Did Paul Feig Just Reveal the New GHOSTBUSTERS Cast?

These are some A+ ideal choices, as expected.

How do you make people (see: me) interested in a new Ghostbusters movie? Hand the reigns to Paul Feig and let him reboot it with an all-female cast. (And if even one of you leaves a comment suggesting this is a cheap gimmick, I will find you and exchange very stern words with you in front of a loved one.)

Not long ago, I came up with a list of candidates who would be fantastic for the reboot over at ScreenCrush. Feig has a knack for telling female-driven stories and has made some excellent casting choices. He'll be re-teaming with The Heat writer Katie Dippold for the reboot, which is another excellent choice. And today, the director dropped this photo on Twitter, which has to be his way of announcing our four new Ghostbusters, right?

Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy were givens, and the pair had such fantastic chemistry in Feig's Bridesmaids, so I'm thrilled at the prospect of these two ladies working together again. Kate McKinnon seems like another sensible choice, and both she and Wiig possess similar goofy charms and talents. We didn't get to see enough of them together when Wiig hosted SNL last year (for reasoning which seems obvious, but is unfortunate), so it'll be interesting to watch how they bounce off of each other.

And finally, Leslie Jones is an IDEAL choice. The SNL writer recently became a featured player on the show, and so far, she's been a real highlight. Her appearances at the Weekend Update desk prior to and since joining the cast have been such a joy to watch, and she's really pushed the envelope with material. She's fresh. She's loud. She's a fucking FORCE. These four women have the potential to make the funniest Ghostbusting team imaginable.

As previously reported in the trades, SNL star Cecily Strong and Workaholics star Jillian Bell (the real gem of 22 Jump Street) have also been in talks for roles, with Feig previously expressing in some of those hacked Sony e-mails that he'd like for Strong to play the role of a bureaucratic villain type.

So what do you think of our potential new Ghostbusters? I've been sold on this project since it was announced, but this just seals the deal.