Tom Hardy Goes Russian In The Trailer For CHILD 44

Watch Tom Hardy and Gary Oldman try to out-accent each other.

Hey, it's another movie where Tom Hardy gets to use a funny voice! As soon as the voiceover comes in during this trailer for Child 44, you just know it's Hardy. Dude loves his wacky accents. Similar to how Johnny Depp cannot star in a film unless he gets to wear a dumb hat, it's as if Hardy refuses to star in a movie unless he gets to wear an accent - the difference is that Tom Hardy is actually amazing and Johnny Depp can go suck a tail pipe.

Directed by Daniel Espinosa (Safe House, Snabba Cash), Child 44 takes place in Soviet Russia (insert Soviet Russia joke here) in 1953, when secret police agent Leo Demidov (Hardy) refuses to oust his own wife, Raisa (Noomi Rapace, who co-starred with Hardy in last year's The Drop), as a traitor, forcing him to lose basically everything he has. Upon leaving Moscow, Leo and Raisa team up with General Mikhail Nesterov to solve a series of murders involving young boys. 44 young boys, to be exact - hence the title. Joel Kinnaman rounds out this sexy, sexy cast as a character described as Leo's "psychopathic rival." Kinnaman as a psychopath? Sold. Hardy and Oldman acting perfectly enunciated accent-circles around each other? I'm there. Sign me up. Eight tickets right now, please.

Child 44 is based on the novel by Tom Rob Smith (TomRob, if you will), and given the exceptional cast for this film adaptation, this is one that's been on my radar for a while. It hits theaters on April 17.