A Fright Of Passage In This Week’s Holy Hunter of Music Videos

We've got Plurabelle, -M- and Palaxy Tracks in this week's music video roundup.

Plurabelle are a duo hailing from Bucharest, Romania where they dabble in darkwave and share an affinity for all things “ero-guro” - or, to elucidate, the erotic grotesque (Google image search that NSFW treasure trove at your own risk). In league with Renaissance man Mattis Dovier, they’ve brought to life an amalgamation of 8-bit homages to pioneers of the movement such as Russian enigma/cartoonist Uno Moralez and Japanese Manga artist Suehiro Maruo, thus complementing the sinister “Our Fires” gloriously. This is also where I advocate the great and propose you give Starry Eyes a watch as their themes parallel.

As a means for conquering a staggering case of stage fright, French singer-songwriter Matthieu Chedid performs under the pseudonym -M-. And when he assumes the latter role he also takes the shape of a flamboyant, monochrome suit-donning, self-proclaimed superhero with hair in the shape of the letter itself. If you’re thinking what I’m thinking, then, yes, we can all agree that he might just be a reverse Wolverine. Properly effortless in its delivery, the video for his track “Comme Un Seul Homme” (“Like One Man”) pays tribute to victims of the recent Charlie Hebdo tragedy with the chorus, “I am, you are, Charlie. It is we, Charlie. In unison, as one man, Charlie.”

Luca Tóth and Stephen McNally’s painterly offering for the betwixt Austin and New York City melodic rock outfit Palaxy Tracks’ latest profoundly appeals in its unique animation techniques and aesthetic. All right, jig is up. For those who aren’t dreadfully allergic, a city subway chock-full of feline spirit animals is our own Elysian Fields. Additionally, “An Episode” warmly reminds me of a 2011 favorite, Yellowbirds’ The Rest of My Life - you may make it a twofer.