TRUE DETECTIVE’s Lawnmower Man Goes To Work For HANNIBAL

Mason Verger has hired an appropriately creepy sidekick.

A year ago this week, HBO's True Detective kicked in our doors and set off a two-month frenzy of justifiably hyperbolic headlines, legitimately enjoyable extra-curricular reading assignments and batshit insane fan theories. For many (myself included!), that eight episode journey was one for the books, the absolute high point of television in 2014. But if any series came close to matching the delirious high that came with watching True Detective, it was the second season of NBC's Hannibal. Today, I'm pleased to report that one of my favorite elements of the former is becoming a part of the latter.

Over at TVLine, Michael Ausiello is reporting the following:

True Detective‘s Glenn Fleshler — he was lawn-mowing murderer Errol — is joining the NBC thriller as… another scary dude. I’ve learned exclusively that the actor has been cast as Cordell, the personal nurse of the disfigured Mason Verger.

Cordell appeared as Verger's physician/assistant in both Thomas Harris' Hannibal and Ridley Scott's 2001 feature film of the same name, where the role was filled by Zeljko Ivanek. If I remember correctly, the novel reveals that Cordell, like his employer, is a convicted sex offender, whereas the film version refrained from delving into Cordell's backstory. Maybe I've got that backwards?

Doesn't matter. Point is, Cordell's a freaky scumbag, which makes Fleshler a great choice for the role: Ausiello's source describes the character as "quiet, very intelligent, definitely creepy" and possibly "sadistic," all notes that Fleshler hit perfectly in his role as Errol Childress on True Detective. Relive some of the Lawnmower Man's magic in this clip, and keep an eye out for Cordell when Hannibal returns later this summer.