Houston! We’ve Got A Month Of Super Cool Film Events For You At The Alamo

A mystery movie marathon, RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK quote-along, GWTW on the big screen and more!

Houston film fans, the next five weeks are jam-packed with incredible film events at the Alamo Drafthouse, and I wanted to make sure you know about them. Programming Director Robert Saucedo is almost singlehandedly turning Houston into a real film-lover's city, and the best way we movie nerds can support him is by showing up. 

First, I want you to know about Movie Hullabaloo 2. This is the second annual mystery movie marathon programmed by Robert, Ain't It Cool's Alan Cerny/Nordling and myself. We each program a dream title along with two preview screenings of upcoming films. We've got some very cool guests slated and I think the line-up is amazing. Read last year's Hullabaloo recap here, and get tickets for HullabaTWO, taking place Sunday, March 8, HERE. Tickets are already going fast, and the price goes up after January 31, so hurry!

Below is a list of all of the rep titles taking place at both Alamo Drafthouse locations in Houston, Mason Park and Vintage Park, for the month of February. But first! These are the four screenings I'm hosting: 

Monday, February 2nd at Mason Park, join me for a beautiful new 4K digital restoration of Groundhog Day. Yes, we're going to watch Groundhog Day on Groundhog Day. It's gonna be THE BEST. Get your tickets here.

Sunday, February 8th at Mason Park, I am over the moon to host the all-timer Casablanca. I've never seen this film on the big screen, and I hope you'll join me! Get your tickets here.

Sunday, February 15th at Mason Park, I'm also seeing Gone With the Wind on the big screen for the first time, and you can probably imagine that I'm losing my mind at the prospect. Join me! Get your tickets here.

And on Friday, February 27th at Vintage Park, I'm hosting the Action Pack quote-along of Raiders of the Lost Ark, complete with drinking game, boulder races, idol snatching and more. Join me and my forever girlfriend Marion Ravenwood! Get your tickets here

And there's plenty of fun that I'm not hosting for the month of February, too. Check out the full list of non-new release screenings below, and get tickets at the website!

Groundhog Day Mason Park 2/2/2015
(500) Days of Summer Vintage Park 2/2/2015
American Comando Ninja Vintage Park 2/3/2015
Pretty Woman Mason Park 2/4/2015
Blood and Black Lace Vintage Park 2/4/2015
Shaun of the Dead Quote-Along Vintage Park 2/4/2015
Boogie Nights Mason Park 2/5/2015
Ultimate '90s Sing-Along Vintage Park 2/5/2015
Serenity Quote-Along Mason Park 2/6/2015
The Princess Bride Quote-Along Vintage Park 2/6/2015
Spongebob Squarepants Kids Party Vintage Park 2/7/2015
Spongebob Squarepants Kids Party Mason Park 2/7/2015
Grease Sing-Along Mason Park 2/7/2015
The Rocky Horror Picture Show Mason Park 2/7/2015
Casablanca Mason Park 2/8/2015
Boogie Nights Vintage Park 2/8/2015
Secretary Vintage Park 2/9/2015
Don't Go In The Woods Vintage Park 2/10/2015
Lolita Vintage Park 2/11/2015
Scott Pilgrim vs the World Quote-Along Vintage Park 2/11/2015
The Princess Bride Quote-Along Vintage Park 2/12/2015
Moulin Rouge Sing-Along Mason Park 2/13/2015
The Princess Bride Quote-Along Mason Park 2/14/2015
Gone With the Wind Mason Park 2/15/2015
Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Vintage Park 2/15/2015
Ganja & Hess Vintage Park 2/16/2015
The Astrologer Vintage Park 2/17/2015
Lost and Found Mason Park 2/18/2015
Pretty Woman Vintage Park 2/18/2015
Billy Madison Quote-Along Vintage Park 2/18/2015
Goldeneye Mason Park 2/19/2015
Stardust Vintage Park 2/19/2015
Pitch Perfect Sing-Along Mason Park 2/20/2015
The Goonies Quote-Along Vintage Park 2/20/2015
The Last - Naruto the Movie Mason Park 2/21/2015
Moulin Rouge Sing-Along Vintage Park 2/21/2015
Shaun of the Dead Quote-Along Mason Park 2/21/2015
The Beyond Vintage Park 2/21/2015
I Married a Witch Vintage Park 2/23/2015
Lost and Found Vintage Park 2/24/2015
The Astrologer Mason Park 2/25/2015
God Told Me To Vintage Park 2/25/2015
Clueless Quote-Along Vintage Park 2/25/2015
Portlandia Mason Park 2/26/2015
Throwback in the Day SIng-Along Vintage Park 2/26/2015
Anchorman Quote-ALong Mason Park 2/27/2015
Raiders of the Lost Ark Quote-Along Vintage Park 2/27/2015
Throwback in the Day SIng-Along Mason Park 2/28/2015
Grease Sing-Along Vintage Park 2/28/2015
Goldeneye Vintage Park 2/28/2015