Mark Wahlberg Bathed In Sperm: The TED 2 Trailer

Ted's gonna have a baby - but first he has to prove he's human. (He's not. He's a bear.)

Behold the trailer for Ted 2, in which Amanda Seyfried plays a character named Sam L. Jackson, but who has never heard of Sam L. Jackson. Sort of funny!

After having seen several 10-30 second Super Bowl trailers or teasers for trailers this morning, the best thing about the Ted 2 trailer is that it's a full trailer, rather than half a minute of cool explosions and loud noises. It actually gives us an idea of what the movie is about. Of course, what it's about is a teddy bear going to court to prove he's a human so he can have a baby with a real human, but hey, a story's a story. 

Ted was never my kind of humor, but it was immensely popular, and Ted 2 seems to be a legitimate effort of a sequel. There are some real jokes in this trailer, and plenty of semen and racial humor if that's your bag. The movie hits screens June 26.