Stop What You’re Doing And Watch This Great POUND OF FLESH Trailer

Lifehack: Don’t steal Jean-Claude Van Damme’s kidney, dummy.

Pound of Flesh Teaser (NON-OFFICIAL) from Automatic Entertainment on Vimeo.

(Looks like you'll have to watch this on Vimeo directly. It's worth the click.)

Sure, everyone knows Jean-Claude Van Damme and can joke around about him doing the splits or whatever, but many fans stopped watching his films when they stopped hitting theaters, or just before they stopped hitting theaters, I suppose.

If that sounds like you, I’m sorry to tell you that you fucked up. Van Damme has only gotten better with age, and many of his DTV films are actually quite good. Instead of the smiling lady’s man he often played in his youth, Van Damme has transformed his onscreen persona into that of a tired, older badass with a life of tragedy behind him. Van Damme rarely smiles in his movies anymore. His characters almost never sleep with women. I haven’t seen him do his patented splits in forever.

Until now. While he’s still not playing a happy camper, Jean Claude Van Damme both has sex and brings the splits back for Pound of Flesh. So if that’s what you’ve been waiting for to finally watch one of his new films, you got it (and it might be his best “has to do the splits” scenario ever).

You also get a movie in which some dumb knuckleheads steal JCVD’s kidney. Bad move. You know he’s going to raise hell to get that kidney back. In this case, that means beating people to death with a Bible. I don’t believe it’s possible for this movie to be more up my alley than that.

According to IMDB, Pound of Flesh comes out this May. Don’t let me down. See the shit out of it.