Badass Interview: The Last Word With AMIRA & SAM’s Martin Starr

The FREAKS AND GEEKS and ADVENTURELAND star on what he'd be doing if he weren't acting, his first movie memory and more.

We've started a new feature on the last page of Birth.Movies.Death. in which we ask an actor or a filmmaker nine questions about their personal history with cinema. We're thrilled to kick it off with Amira & Sam's Martin Starr in honor of Drafthouse Films' beautiful new release, out today. 

What's your earliest movie memory?

Watching the action-packed kids’ movie Blank Check.

What's the first movie you saw that made you understand that movies can be art?

Certainly my idea of art has evolved, but I think it would be Blank Check.

What is your guilty pleasure movie?

Any cheesy feel-good movie.

What type of role do you want to play before you die?

A real badass villain.

What was your most magical cinema experience?

Magical? Uh, Toy Story was pretty wonderful. Or do you mean working on a movie with a magician? I haven't had the fortune of that experience so far.

What is the movie you believe everyone should see?

Groundhog Day.

Only one of your movies can continue to exist after you're gone - which one is it?

That's already come out? Adventureland. That hasn't? Amira & Sam.

If you weren't born to act, what else would you be doing?

I'd clearly be a veterinarian. Friend to all animals. A superhero to wounded pets.

Why do you make movies?

It all started quite simply for me as a child riding the high of making people laugh.

This was originally published in the February issue of Birth.Movies.Death. See Amira & Samout in theaters and on VOD today