Marvel At KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE’s Super Bowl Trailer

No one scores any touchdowns or anything, but it still looks cool.

I don’t know much, so I always have to rely on what my friends tell me. And most of my friends tell me Kingsman: The Secret Service is incredible. The only friends I have who haven’t offered that opinion just haven’t seen the film yet.

That more than anything has me excited to see it. The film’s trailers have been fun and kinetic, but nothing so mind-blowing that I’d still rush out opening day even if I friends all said it was crap (that’s usually reserved for very special cases like Bullet to the Head).

Here’s another ad for the film. And not just any ad - a Super Bowl ad! And not just any Super Bowl ad - a Super Bowl ad that is currently just a regular old internet ad! Exciting! The Super Bowl bump ought to be a good timing since the film comes out in a couple weeks. Like the other Kingsman trailers before it, this ad makes the film look wild, witty, and nicely R-rated, which is all I really need. So I know I’ll be there when it comes out. Hopefully other people will be too. Even if they’re all football fans.