Try To Get Excited By TOMORROWLAND’s Super Bowl Ad

If you like brief shots of George Clooney, this is the movie for you.

Am I crazy for not understanding Tomorrowland’s appeal? This new look at the film offers nothing new to get excited about. You have a girl. She touches a pin that toggles between our world and a flashy, computer-generated town. Then George Clooney says stuff. I’ve seen girls before. I’ve seen flashy, computer-generated towns before. And I’ve hears George Clooney say stuff before. I don’t get why people are looking forward to this, other than the fact that it’s directed by Brad Bird.

My suspicion is that excitement for Tomorrowland has something to do with an affinity for Disneyland or Disney World, or whichever one it is. I really don’t know anything about the Disney parks, so maybe my lack of interest has less to do the film being boring and more to do with my abusive, Disney park-free childhood. Thanks, Mom and Dad. Our lack of vacations keeps hurting me to this day.