The HEROES REBORN Teaser: Horn-Rimmed Glasses And Zachary Levi

You're not going to learn a whole lot here.

Last night's Super Bowl also provided a new glimpse at the totally questionable Heroes mini-series reboot, Heroes Reborn, with Jack Coleman (the only original cast member returning) and new lead Zachary Levi stalking a kid in a parka as she waves her arms mystically at the Aurora Borealis. 

There's not a lot to glean from this fifteen second spot, other than the locale. Upon second watch, I'm not even actually sure the kid is a girl. I do think it's telling that they cast Zachary Levi in the reboot, as he's sort of the less interesting, more hetero version of Zachary Quinto. Not that Heroes is the more interesting version of Heroes Reborn, unless you find total disasters interesting.

And actually, I kinda do, so god help me, I might have just talked myself into watching the first half of this pilot when it arrives this summer. Who knows - since it's a mini-series with a defined end date, they might have actually written an ending for this thing!