Here’s What Brandon Routh’s Atom Will Look Like

Yep. Let’s see him try to dance in that thing.

Brandon Routh’s version of Ray Palmer has been on Arrow for a chunk of this season but only in Ray Palmer mode. His character really wants to become a superhero, though, and will eventually become the Atom (apparently the show is referring to him as the A.T.O.M.  - it stands for "A Totally Owsome Guy").

When that day comes, the above picture represents what he will look like, except he’ll be quite a bit smaller. I’m not really against suit redesigns for television shows, but I’m surprised how overdone this appears. He looks like he’s about to pilot a Jaeger. There’s supposedly a “realistic” angle to this costume, but I’m not sure what it is or why we’re even messing with that when it comes to guys who can shrink to the size of a molecule.

Nevertheless, that’s what they’re doing, and I’m sure it will be fine. You’ll be able to see the outfit in action on the February 25 edition of Arrow. Palmer will also appear on The Flash later this season. If he’s a big hit, he’s very likely to get his own show, and the chance of a weekly live-action Justice League show gets one step closer. So even if you don’t like him please just fake it.